Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canniatric™?

Canniatric is a California Medical Marijuana Company that Tests, Qualifies, Manufactures and Distributes Cannabis Products specialized and focused for the Client. 

What Conditions Qualify?

The Products consist of highest Quality Cannabinoids which have helped many clients improve their symptoms of Epilepsy, Autism (ASD), ADHD, Crohn's, Insomnia and a Variety of Cancers along with many other symptoms. 

Do You Offer Consultations?

Our Professional Consultants offer both in person/office or telephone consultations where they qualify your for the right products and customize a unique dosing and treatment plan for each individual. Click on Consultation tab to schedule an appointment. 

Where Can I Buy your Products?

Canniatric California has Partner Locations throughout the State of California. Check our Partners Page for a list of locations where products may be available. 

Do you offer Wholesale opportunities?

We offer wholesale opportunities for the California Licensed Medical and Recreational Cannabis Businesses. Please Contact us for more details. 

Can my Child legally Obtain your products?

In the State of California, Patients are required to obtain a Valid Medical Marijuana Doctors Recommendation Letter. We have Partnered with experienced Physicians who will qualify and provide California residents with the proper legal required documents for patient.  Check our Retail Partners page for contact info.