Pediatric Medicinal Cannabis


Cannabinoid Treatments for use in Pediatric Treatment Resistant Epilepsy - Dravet Syndrome, LGS, Doose, etc.


Management of Autism Related Symptoms and Behaviors with Specifically formulated Cannabinoids and Oils


Concentrated Medical Cannabis Oils for Treatment of  Cancer Symptoms as well as the Side Effects of Cancer Therapies

About Us


Canniatric™ (Cannabis for Pediatric) is a California Medical Cannabis Company with a focus on Pediatric Patients. We will qualify the client with specially  formulated and concentrated products that are customized to help with pediatric conditions such as Epilepsy, Autism, ADHD, Diabetes, and a variety of Pediatric Cancers.  We offer professional Coaching and Consultations for Pediatric Medical Cannabis Therapies at our Los Angeles County based office or via Mobile (Skype).  To schedule please click on the link below. The Canniatric California Consultation Appointment consists of: 

  • Review of all Symptoms and qualifying Specific treatment options. (Diagnosis Specific)
  • Customized dosing chart and calculations. 
  • Review of medications and possibility of interactions. 
  • Training and Education on Cannabinoid Therapies and the Endocannabinoid system.
  • Product Selection and demonstrations. 

The Cost for an in office or Mobile consultation is $50.00 which includes all followup appointments. (Consultation is Free with the purchase of any products from our retail partner locations (CBD, THC, THCa, Essential oils, etc..)   . 

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