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Emily M

Emily was born a healthy child on April of 2004, full of life.   When she received a set of vaccinations at 4 months old, she had her first ever seizure that lasted more than 45 minutes and sent her to the hospital for a full workup and 10 days of PICU after which everything checked out normal and she was  sent home and told it was a common side effect caused by fever due to the shots, and nothing to worry about.  After going home she had no issues until months later on the day she received the second set of vaccine shots which caused her to go into a STATUS SEIZURE lasting over an hour and half and where she had to be intubated and put into a induced coma to stop the seizure.  Ever since that day and over the last 14 years she’s had tens of thousands of seizures and has tried and failed all FDA and non FDA approved medications which have caused severe developmental delays and learning disabilities as side effects.  In addition to all the medications Emily’s parents tried many different forms of alternative treatments such as Fetal Stem Cells, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Iridology, Ketogenic Diet therapy, Energy Doctor, Parasite Doctor, Hypnosis, witchcraft, but unfortunately they all failed.  Emily was finally diagnosed with a cell mutation and a form of Epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome a few years ago.  About 5 years ago Emily’s parents learned about  Cannabis oil as a form of treatment for epilepsy. They found and tried everything California had to offer with some very little benefits but a spark of hope and a promise.  Soon after came the CNN documentary by Dr. Sanjay Gupta called “WEED” and they found the Stanley brothers and Charlotte’s Web and the Realm of Caring Foundation and Emily became the first child to receive the Charlotte’s Web CBD oil in California in 2012.  In the years that Emily has been using the Charlotte’s web oil and Canniatric oils, there’s been changes and improvements in her seizures and she’s been able to wean off of all her pharmaceutical Medications which improved her and all of the families quality of life. It has given us our daughter back said the parents in a National Geographic documentary.  Emily has experienced a 70% reduction in seizures because of Cannabis oils. Every time her medications were tapered off she spoke more, and socialized more, and has had more energy, and laughs more. Emily’s success with Cannabis oil started a movement. It made her parents the biggest advocates for vaccine choice and safety and especially for pediatric cannabis therapies. They started and launched the California chapter of the Realm of Caring Foundation, a nonprofit 501c3 that offers free services and resources to families and patients who are treating with cannabis oils. They launched Canniatric Inc which is a licensed California Cannabis company with a focus on Pediatric Cannabinoid therapies. They also launched CW California which made Charlotte’s Web CBD oil available to anyone in California. Emily’s success with Cannabis has been featured and documented in National Geographic, Time Magazine, CNN, Tribune, Daily News, KTLA, CBS, NBC, and many other media outlets. You may follow Emily’s journey in the blog page.